Was the reason for Italian explorer Christopher Columbus’s landing on the piece of land that we now all call America really to discover a new continent? Or did he have a path to follow, a destination to reach even though he might not have been sure where it was when he set sail, unaware of the mission that history had assigned to him?

In another adventure, we, as the FABRIKACO family, have set sail for a new journey in Milan, Italy. Although it’s not yet an intercontinental voyage, we have taken the first step of our journey towards the Mediterranean, accompanied by the sharp winds, and perhaps, like Columbus, towards much greater developments that could unfold.

Why Italy?

We share with you the joy of opening our new branch in Italy. Like many companies that define themselves in the axis of design and production, we thought that the most suitable place to take the new step would be the Italian lands where the companies that have been our sources of inspiration since our establishment come to life. Although it harbors commercial realities behind it, Italy, where craftsmanship meets design and innovation meets tradition, seems like the most natural destination for us.

Creating, Producing

Especially with its accumulation of values that has continued for centuries, Milan has become the center of the world in areas touched by design. Being part of this network of ideas nourished globally now, we will be a part of creating new perspectives on similar problems and quests as FABRIKACO.

From Past to Present

In many projects, we have been striving to develop new ideas that were not previously considered. We tried to search for answers to problems in ways that were not customary. For a firm that defines itself in the realm of design, being original goes through the search, experience, and effort for authenticity. This search will no longer be limited to the country we were established in; it will continue to grow by adding to our experience alongside new cultures.

On the Pipeline

Until today, we have completed various projects in Europe, including projects of living spaces and industrial areas. In honor of our venture into Milan, we will be a part of the design week by showcasing a lighting product designed by Deniz Yenidoğan and produced by FABRIKACO at Salone del Milano.

We are pleased to share with you that we are in the process of making new projects in collaboration with different designers and ideas, pushing our production and capability limits forward.