FABRIKACO: Crafting Stories Through Design and Process

At FABRIKACO, our enthusiasm for understanding the details that bring spaces together and the need to process the texture of materials constantly inspires us to draw and produce. When we witness the manufacturing stages of the products we design in our workshop, a desire to share this story with you arises, prompting us to put it into words.

We integrate craftsmanship into industrial processes while preserving the essence of the material through design and processes. This is not just a visual experience; it’s a craft. Every stage, from material selection to customizing every detail, focuses on our criteria of authenticity and uniqueness. With this approach, we strive to bring out the character and spirit of each project.

As we witness the manufacturing stages of the products we design in our workshop, the desire to write this story was born. Embarking on a journey to share these processes with you while creating projects where dreams materialize and spaces find meaning. In this newsletter series, you will witness the stages of projects produced by Fabrikaco.

While trying to eliminate boundaries and create original stories in the formation process of design, we will strive to make the sound behind the broken shells heard. You will find detailed information on various aspects, from idea theatrics in design to manufacturing techniques, material transformations, and industry developments.

If there is a specific topic or headline you would like to see on this platform, please share it with me. We are here to expand our collective network interactively. We are ready to start the conversation and here to listen to you. Taking the first step on this journey to discuss the story that design tells, let’s hit the road if you’re ready.