PROJECT | Experiencing the City: Metro

Imagine for a moment that time stands still. Picture yourself not rushing, not running, not having to be fast in a sprawling metropolis. Especially in dense mega-cities like Istanbul, it seems challenging, doesn’t it?

How much of life do we capture, or how much of the city do we experience? Or, to put it another way, how well do we see our surroundings? While commuting to work or rushing to class, do we truly live within the spectrum of the city, offering hundreds of options from art to science? Do we live it enough? Perhaps not at all?

Do you ever consider, even for a moment, that the metros you use as a means of transportation amidst economic concerns, the stress of a hectic pace of life, or the swiftly passing time might actually have a purpose? Imagine traveling through structures that touch the soul, nourish you and are designed by the hand of a “designer.” Consider rejecting what has been imposed so far. Think about the existence of station masses that have strived for goodness with innovative, simple and minimal touches. Experience the sustainability, accessibility, and livability of a city where transportation is well-designed. Because when the top of the city is so beautiful, wouldn’t leaving the underground to chance be unfair?

Type, Texture, Form, Detail

If we delve a bit into what we mean by a station mass that we don’t leave to chance, factors such as the type, texture, color of the material, and the coordinated way in which all structural elements come together allow a station to go beyond being just a physical space. These striking structures indicating the accessibility of the city’s metros become easily recognizable urban symbols. The masses of structures, which should race with each other in terms of both aesthetic value and functionality, create a more inward-focused and protective space for the user compared to other transportation vehicles. Every station structure that is part of the line’s chain is an intuitive roadmap for the city dweller. As soon as you step into the metro, you descend beneath the city and share the same experience with thousands of passengers. It’s the simultaneous journey of different people, different lives, all heading in the same direction.

What Metro Means for FABRIKACO

In this series, we will explore the process of FABRIKACO’s existence within the integrated metro station of Gayrettepe into Istanbul Airport line. While navigating among carefully selected architectural elements, you not only reach your destination but also experience the city with many parameters.

In this voyage of discovery, you truly feel how concepts are intertwined rings as you experience the design. Because transportation means sustainability of the city, it means the metro, it means modernity… It means improving the comfort of the city dweller, the quality of transportation. It means discussing a journey where the city dweller’s transportation routine is valued beyond just taking the train. It means talking about an experience where the passenger’s comfort is completed with the response of all parameters in the equation.

In our next article, where we will examine our experiences and manufacturing topics related to Gayrettepe Station, one of the locations where FABRIKACO journeys, we invite you to be our companion on this journey.